Milestone Recordings in American Music


More String Band Music - Part 2 (1929-1931)

I must admit that the differences between the regional styles of rural string band music were lost on me at first, but the more I've listened to this music, (and I've listened to it a lot lately), the more I've recognized just how rich and varied it was - not unlike the regional, rural blues of the same period. Here is my proof:
For good measure, here are two additional blues recordings I've added:
Next time: back to 1937 - and boogie-woogie!


More String Band Music - Part 1 (1927-1928)

I recently obtained a copy of "Indian War Whoop," one of only four recordings ever made by Hoyt Ming and His Pep-Steppers, and it blew me away. I not only had to include it, I realized I had to go back and re-evaluate all of the string band music of the 1920s to see what other essential recordings I may have missed in my first pass. As it turns out, a lot. Here are half of them.

Next: the other half (1929-1931)...


More Gospel, Jazz and Blues (1927-1930)

Here are three more great recordings that every music lover should know. They have been added to the appropriate previous entry. Special thanks to fixbutte for introducing me to Jabbo Smith and to AlRog for making me pay attention to Geeshie Wiley.

Next time: more early country...

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