Milestone Recordings in American Music


Bonus Material (1890-1930)

I have slowly been making my way back through the early entries of this blog, and I am happy to say that I have now completed adding suggestions for further listening to all of the entries through 1930. That means that for the first 184 recordings I wrote about, I have now added 184 new recommendations of additional recordings that you might like.

For example, you'll still find an entry for "Country Blues" by Dock Boggs (Brunswick 131, 1927) just as before, with a brief description of why it's a milestone recording. In addition, at the end of that description, you'll now find this recommendation:

~ You may also like a similar recording from another eastern Kentucky banjoist: The Appalachian Vagabond (Hayes Shepherd), "The Peddler and His Wife" (Vocalion 5450, 1930)

There is no further detail given about the new recording; it's just a teaser to encourage you to further explore some great music. (If you like Dock Boggs, you should definitely check out Hayes Shepherd!) And while these new recommendations didn't make my final cut for full reviews, that's only because I had to draw the line somewhere. They are definitely worthwhile!

I also fixed some formatting problems on some of those early pages, made minor edits and added a few more photos. So if you've read those earlier entries already, you might want to go back and check them out again. (Start with the first recording in 1890 or use the Archive links at the bottom of this page to navigate to your favorite entries.)

Meanwhile, I will continue to slowly update the remaining entries even while I work on adding new ones.


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